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How Project Phoenix uses terrain during combat

Creative Intelligence Arts' squad-based Japanese role-playing game, Project Phoenix, will require players to carefully consider and use terrain during combat, according to a video featuring creator, director and producer Hiroaki Yura.

Certain classes will have an advantage on specific types of terrain. A character with scouting abilities, for example, will be able to see farther ahead on higher ground.

"Utilizing each of your character's class benefits and arranging your squad on advantageous terrain will be key to success on the battlefield," Yura said. "With an interactive environment, the choices you make will affect how you play."

If you destroy a bridge to escape pursuers, for example, enemies will have to find another route. Yura said that while this may help you escape, it also results in the loss of that asset. This system works both ways as well, meaning AI will exploit the terrain in a similar way. Check out the video above for more on how terrain will affect combat.

Creative Intelligence Arts launched its Kickstarter campaign for Project Phoenix earlier this month. The campaign has already raised more than six times its asking amount of $100,000 and will continue funding efforts until Sept. 11.

Project Phoenix is currently being developed for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The game is expected to release in 2015.

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