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Level-5's Wonder Flick coming to smartphones and next-gen consoles in Japan

Level-5's new role-playing game Wonder Flick will be coming to iOS and Android in November 2013 and PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One in 2014 in Japan, the company announced today.

Revealed in May as part of Level-5's 15th anniversary celebrations, along with two other smartphone titles, Wonder Flick is directed by Level-5 head Akihiro Hino and features a soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series, Blue Dragon series, Chrono Trigger).

According to Hino, the studio has "something in mind that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of apps" and Wonder Flick is a game "that tries to pursue what makes traditional RPGs fun."

Wonder Flick revolves around searching for treasure, where players "hunt, find rare items, and trade in your equipment for stronger items." It will receive new content post-release, such as new lands, monsters and items. To watch the game in action, be sure to check out the smartphone version's Japanese language trailer above.

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