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eSports will grow away from comparisons to real-world sports over time, says Riot

Despite recently being accepted as a definitive sport, eSports will eventually grow away from the comparisons to professional real-world sports once it becomes fully accepted in the mainstream, Riot Games eSports director Whalen Rozelle told Polygon.

"Traditional sports have had hundreds of years to evolve," said Rozelle. "It doesn't make sense to not look at them to see what things they do that allow them to be an every day force in a sports fan's life."

However when asked whether these comparisons hinder the growth of games like League of Legends from becoming their own independent events, Rozelle stated he expects eSports to move away from the comparisons once it becomes a fully accepted hobby throughout the mainstream.

"I think you'll definitely see a more gradual acceptance over time," he said. "I think these things will gradually converge. I think people will naturally start doing so because once it becomes more acceptable and becomes part of everyone life we'll stop hearing those comparisons. But right now it's important to still hold on to those comparisons because sports is something eSports should aspire to. It's not like we're trying to be professional sports though."

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