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The booths, crowds and nightmare pandas of Gamescom 2013

If you weren't able to make it out to Gamescom 2013 — either because you couldn't travel to Germany, or because you didn't want to be absorbed by a horde of nearly 300,000 people — we've got a succinct wrap-up of the experience waiting for you.

There was a lot to take in at this year's show, between the press conferences for Sony, EA and Blizzard, the reveal of Xbox One's self-publishing plans, the unveiling of Diablo 3's first major expansion and a blue million previews and interviews. The video posted above was designed to give you, our beloved viewer, a taste of the look and feel of the Gamescom show floor on its busiest public day — if you want to actually find out what happened at the show, we recommend giving our StoryStream a thorough read.

Also, the booth tour video features some NSFW language, which we regret, but hope you'll forgive as the logical result of placing a light-to-moderate agoraphobic into a crowd of hundreds of thousands.

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