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Fallout: Lanius fan film explores the origin of New Vegas' villain

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The recently released Fallout: Lanius fan-made short film explores the origin story of Legate Lanius, one of the main antagonists and deadliest bosses of Fallout: New Vegas.

Fallout: Lanius clocks it at around 20 minutes long and features some intense combat sequences, complete with severed limbs, blood sprays and some truly impressive swordplay. The film takes places across a sandswept desert and into the tents of Lanius' home encampment, where he and his people carry about their business with heavily painted faces and and a wary eye on the surrounding world. The film features some impressive costumes and set design throughout, as well as a chilling performance by Lanius' actor, martial artist and professional strongman Johnny Domino.

Fallout: Lanius was crowdfunded via Indiegogo last December, earning $19,000 — well above its $10,000 funding goal. The YouTube post notes the film was shot in Perth in Western Australia and received support from both developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher Bethesda. Watch the full film above, a testament to the powerful content passionate fans are capable of creating.

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