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White Xbox One for Microsoft employees may be sold to public 'in the future' (update)

An all-white version of the Xbox One console being gifted to Microsoft employees when the console ships this fall may be sold to the public in the future, according to a post on the Xbox One Subreddit from Microsoft's Larry Hryb.

The white Xbox One will be given to all employees in Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business who were working full time prior to July 12 of this year and will still be there when the console launches. The console will come bundled with a standard black Kinect and white controller, as well as a free year of Xbox Live, all first-party games and the Day One achievement — all given to employees on launch day.

On a Reddit post about the console, user "KillerBYTE" asked if the white Xbox One would ever be available to non-Microsoft employees. Hryb responded that this could be possible "maybe waaaay in the future."

Update: Hryb responded to Polygon's inquiry on the nature of his statement, saying his comment on the white Xbox One being available to the public was "a joking ‘maybe.'" There is no further information on the white version of the console at this time.

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