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First Ouya Free the Games campaigns surpass funding goals

Elementary, My Dear Holmes and Gridiron Thunder, two titles from Ouya's Free the Games campaign, achieved their Kickstarter goals and will receive matching contributions from the company.

The two games are the first to meet Ouya's requirements. For eligible games that reach their Kickstarter goal and raise a minimum of $50,000, Ouya matches 100 percent of total funds raised up to $250,000. Once launched, developers must keep their game as an Ouya exclusive for at least six months.

Gridiron Thunder, MogoTXT's pro indie football game, has currently raised $78,000 of its $75,000 goal. The campaign ends Sept. 8. Sam Chandola's point-and-click adventure game, Elementary, My Dear Holmes, has just surpassed its $50,000 goal; funding ends Sept. 13.

Ouya launched its Free the Games fund earlier this month. The company is offering $1 million total in funds.

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