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Splash Damage's Extraction coming to PAX, name change explained

Extraction, the free-to-play shooter formerly known as Dirty Bomb from Splash Damage, is headed to PAX Prime later this month, according to an update from the developer. In a post on Splash Damage's blog, the developer explains why the game's name changed and what else is to come from Extraction.

"Extraction was Dirty Bomb's original name and the reason we didn't stick with it for the Closed Alpha was that we weren't sure if we could secure the worldwide trademark for it," Splash Damage explains. "We're confident we can achieve this with Nexon's help, so we've decided to go with the name we've always wanted for the game."

The name change — and the recently announced partnership with Nexon America — won't have any bearing on the content of the game, the studio says.

"It's important to note that this partnership does not change our vision for the game, and Extraction will not be pay-to-win and Splash Damage will retain complete creative control," the developer says. "We've always believed that multiplayer battles should be won through superior skill, and not the amount of money spent."

Extraction will be playable at Nexon's booth at PAX Prime later this month. Polygon will be in attendance to bring you the latest from the show.

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