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Nintendo 2DS coming this Oct. for $129.99, plays 3DS games in 2D

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Nintendo is releasing a new version of its Nintendo 3DS hardware that's playable only in 2D. It's called the Nintendo 2DS and will be available in North America on Oct. 12 for $129.99.

Nintendo 2DS plays the entire library of 3DS and DS games only in 2D, Nintendo announced, dropping the stereoscopic 3D of the currently available Nintendo 3DS. The new handheld features a "fixed, slate-type form factor" — instead of a clam shell-style design — but retains the hardware features of the standard 3DS, including its dual screens and touch screen.

In North America, Nintendo 2DS will be available in two color schemes, red/black and blue/black. In Europe, the 2DS will be available in red/white and blue/black options.

Players will be able to get their hands on the system this October, when Nintendo brings the system on tour to Simon Malls in North America.