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Wikipad coming to the UK Sept. 27

The Wikipad, a 7-inch gaming tablet compatible with Android and PlayStation Mobile games, will launch in the U.K. Sept. 27, Wikipad, Inc. announced with a press release today.

The device, which includes a detachable shell with familiar controller inputs, will sell for £249.99 (€299.99) at "a number of well-known retailers." The Wikipad tablet launched stateside June 11 for $249.

"This U.K. launch is a significant milestone for Wikipad, as it represents the growth of the Wikipad's fanbase beyond the U.S. and outwards to the millions of gamers who love to play games on their mobiles but are looking for a better experience than other tablets can give them," said president of sales Fraser Townley. "Our retail partners in the U.K. are as excited as we are at the potential for Wikipad to offer a real alternative for consumers and gamers who want the power of a premium Android tablet combined with the superior experience of a dedicated gaming device."

Polygon spoke with Townley earlier this year, so be sure to read our interview to learn more about the company and the Wikipad.

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