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South Park: The Stick of Truth Gamescom demo leaks online

A hand-recorded version of the Gamescom demo for Obsidian's upcoming South Park role-playing game, The Stick of Truth, details the game's combat system and different abilities.

Players will take on the role of the new kid in town as they journey to retrieve the titular Stick of Truth. The video, which you can watch above, demonstrates how The Stick of Truth will use an in-game social network to track objectives. You can also get a first look at the game's battles and how to use your character's "special" ability.

"As the new kid, you are renowned throughout the land for your special magic," the video's narrator said. "Now, in the fourth grade, the most magical thing you can do is, of course, to fart."

Players can use this move to hurl fireballs at enemies or create an explosion with an open flame. As the "Dragon Lord," players will also be able to use special shouts to blow over enemies, obstacles and more.

For more on South Park: The Stick of Truth and how the idea got too big for its own good, check out our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con. The game is expected to launch this holiday season for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

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