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The Behemoth celebrating PAX with arcade extras

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, developer The Behemoth is doubling down on its usual PAX extravaganza, bringing ten giant arcade cabinets to its booth.

Visitors will be able to play arcade monster versions of Behemoth hits Castle Crashers and Batteblock Theater, as well as other classic games. PAX attendees can also check out a series of tournaments and live events including a chance for the team to avenge their RTX defeat in Battleblock to players UberHaxorNova and Immortal HD, scheduled for Sunday at 11am.

"We're expanding our booth out a bit to incorporate some new arcade cabinets, which will put us at over ten cabinets," offered a developer blog post. "It's going to really tug at some nostalgic heart strings when you see all those bad boys lined up. Going back to the old school arcade cabinets and living the dream."

The Behemoth is at PAX Prime booth #3003 and #3004.

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