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The Last of Us update adds new Interrogation Mode multiplayer

The latest update for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us (version 1.03) adds a brand new mode to the game's multiplayer suite, Interrogation, in which players violently extract intel from an enemy team. Neck-slicing and shivving are your keys to success in stealing an enemies supply cache in Interrogation.

In an update to the Naughty Dog blog, the developer explains the new multiplayer option, which it calls "a pretty complicated game mode." Here's the official description.

Interrogation is a 4 versus 4, two-part objective game mode where rival factions vie to find and open the other faction's lockbox, stealing the supplies inside. Each team must first achieve five interrogations of players on the other team. Players can get interrogations by shivving an enemy, or getting an enemy into the down state, then pressing triangle while next to them. Once your team collects five interrogations the location of the enemy's lockbox will be revealed. Your team must attempt to open the lockbox before the other team can collect five interrogations and open your lockbox first. Whichever team opens the opposing team's lockbox first wins.

More details on Interrogation can be seen in this video in which designers Robert Ryan and Quentin Cobb explain the nitty-gritty.

The update also brings a few new tweaks, fixes and balance changes, which can be read in detail at Naughty Dog's official website.

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