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Racing Rivals lets you compete with what's under the hood

Cie Games launches Racing Rivals

Cie Games' mobile drag racing title, Racing Rivals, is out today and lets car enthusiasts geek out over the what lies under the hood of their vehicles.

Like many other racing car games, players will be able to choose from real-world car brands and customize them. Where Racing Rivals differs is instead of limiting players to changing only the cosmetic elements of their vehicle, the game lets them change everything from the exterior to specific engine parts.

These parts and the player's build order will directly affect how a car performs when the player switches the gear, accelerates and watches their car race down a quarter mile drag against an opponent.

"Instead of having a very linear progression of car parts, we've taken more of a role-playing game approach," said Cie Games' Matt Nutt. "Each part has multiple options and each option has different stats associated with it. So if you use a certain part, it might reduce the weight of your car but it might also cause engine damage."

Nutt told Polygon that there are hundreds of variations on how a car can be built, and the developers have used actual performance stats to be as accurate as possible. He said that during the game's beta, many players took to the forums to discuss build orders and the best way to achieve the fastest vehicle possible.

The game offers synchronous multiplayer, and players will be able to enter a lobby and either challenge other drivers or be challenged. Players can bet with in-game currency, or they can bet pink slips.

"It really fuels the excitement of a drag race, especially when you think you have the best car, but you really don't know what the other guy has under his hood," Nutt said. "The car tuner guys will really appreciate this game."

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