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Nintendo 2DS targeting demographic of 'very young kids,' says Nintendo

Nintendo's recently announced Nintendo 2DS, a version of the Nintendo 3DS hardware that's playable only in 2D, will target a demographic of thrifty consumers as well as "very young kids," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told CNBC.

"what we did here was we focused in on a key consumer segment, the consumer that right now for the standard 3DS, $170 is a bit of a higher price point," said Fils-Aime. "So this device with that slate-like form factor, it fits that consumer and also by taking out the 3D feature it allows us to target very young kids: five, six, seven years old."

Nintendo 2DS plays the library of both 3DS and DS games; however, the new system drops the stereoscopic 3D of the currently available Nintendo 3DS. The new handheld features a "fixed, slate-type form factor" instead of a clam shell-style design, but retains the hardware features of the standard 3DS, including its dual screens and touch screen.

Nintendo 2DS will be available in red and black or blue and black color schemes throughout North America. The new handheld system will be available in stores for $129.99 on Oct. 12.

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