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Terraria content coming to galactic sandbox game Edge of Space

A new crossover event is underway for popular sandbox survival games Terraria and Edge of Space, with the introduction of new content that includes a boss battle with a cybernetically enhanced version of Terraria's Skeletron boss within Edge of Space.

"I'm really digging the potential of Edge of Space," said Terraria creator Andrew Spinks in a prepared statement. "If you're a fan of my game, then there is a good chance you're really going to love the insane monsters, wild weapons, and flexible creation content of Edge of Space. They are a great group of passionate developers and I am glad to get to know them, and it could turn out to be one of the best sci-fi games in the genre."

Edge of Space is currently available on Steam at an Early Access price of $11.99 prior to its official launch when the game will be available for $14.99. Users currently playing the game can also expect a new major update titled "200 percent more science!!!"

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