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One night art installation delves into the artistry and culture of Minecraft

Friday nights London's Victoria and Albert Museum becomes a nightclub of sorts with a rotation of contemporary modern art and design installations augmented by live performances, debates, guest DJs, food and drink.

It's called Friday Late.

The late-night weekly affair runs 11 months of the year from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. This Friday the confluence of art, pop and culture focuses on the worlds of Minecraft.

The free one-night World of Minecraft installation this Friday will feature a diverse look at the surprisingly complex culture that has sprung up around the single auteur game.

The evening, detailed here, includes two musical performances, half a dozen installations, three talks and four workshops.

The celebration of video games as something more, more than play, more than trivial, is a heartening trend. In the past year, we've seen massive installations about the art of game playing and making at the Smithsonian, at libraries, at the MOMA. But this latest step, the normalization of games as art, seems to be a more important shift.

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