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Wasteland 2 gameplay demo explodes goats with land mines

A new gameplay video of inXile's Wasteland 2 shows a quartet of Desert Rangers tackling a vast outdoor prison complex.

Narrated by project lead Chris Keenan, the Prison is the fourth or fifth area encountered in the game. As Wasteland 2 is open-world, writes Keenan on Kickstarter, the player could potentially just head straight there for a real challenge, "but it probably won't go so well."

The video shows the game's dialogue system, as the player can ask about keywords that come up in conversation. A stranded trader reveals that the local marauding militia, the Red Skorpions, did unspeakable things to his goat.

Moving forward, the player characters encounter a woman's voice on the radio, begging people to come put her out of her misery. They find the woman, who is gravely ill and lacks the medicine to cure her condition. As the Red Skorpions killed the local doctor, she asks to be mercifully killed. The Rangers could go find the medicine themselves, or a character skilled enough in surgery could treat her right there, but they opt to shoot her. Keenan notes that there is no morality meter that pops up; the developers won't judge players for their actions but the world will, he says: Immediately after, the woman's husband returns home with the medicine he scavenged, and attacks the players in grief.

When trapped in a mine field, the player is able to use the Animal Whisper skill to call to local goats and trigger the mines; a high enough Perception skill would reveal them on the map. Keenan assures the viewer that not every use of Animal Whisper will result in an animal's death.

The video ends with a shootout inside a Red Skorpion base including the "Disco Bot," a robot which paints targets with lasers to aid in targeting.

Wasteland 2 is in development for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.