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Metro: Last Light gets virtual reality challenges with the Tower Pack

Metro: Last Light, 4A Games' post-apocalyptic shooter, will be expanded next week with its second piece of downloadable content: a challenge-based "combat simulator" titled the Tower Pack.

As the title suggests, the DLC adds a virtually simulated, enemy-filled tower to the game, which players must shoot their way through floor-by-floor. All of the game's hand-crafted weaponry will be available to the player in this pursuit; if used wisely, they can reach the highest levels of the tower and, as a result, the highest level of the DLC's online leaderboards.

The Tower Pack launches Sept. 3 on Xbox Live Marketplace, Steam and PlayStation Network, and one day later on the latter platform for European players. It will cost $4.99 (£3.99/€4.99), and comes free with the Metro: Last Light Season Pass. Two more add-on packs are yet to come as part of that Season Pass, including the behind-the-scenes Developers Pack and the story-centric Chronicles Pack, which expands on the backstories of Last Light's supporting cast.

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