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Listen to the difference between Xbox One and Xbox 360 audio chat

Microsoft has discussed how Xbox One's Skype-powered voice chat quality will far surpass that of the Xbox 360, but today we get to hear a side-by-side comparison of the two codecs in a SoundCloud post created by Xbox spokesperson Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb.

The comparison, embedded below, features two brief audio clips from Major Nelson — one recorded using the Xbox 360, and the other using Xbox One. In a post on his blog, Hryb explains that it's not just Skype that has helped improve the audio quality of audio chats on Microsoft's next-gen console.

"The Xbox One Wireless Controller's new expansion port dramatically expands the data transfer rate between the controller and console," Hryb wrote. "Combined with Skype's audio codec, this enables crystal-clear digital audio with the Xbox One Chat Headset, both capturing and rendering speech at 24 KHz PCM, which is triple the rendering sample rate and a 50 percent capture rate improvement over Xbox 360 headsets."

Check out the comparison below, and judge the difference between the two console's audio quality yourself.

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