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War Thunder CGI trailer shows a raging World War II battle on PS4

A Gamescom trailer for Gaijin Games' PlayStation 4 launch title War Thunder shows a World War II battle being fought on land, sea and air.

A pilot keeps his sights on an enemy plane even as his cockpit glass shatters from bullets. On the ground, a tank's machine-gunner fires upon an enemy while another crew abandons their exploding vehicle. On the sea, a German Kriegsmarine officer bellows an order to fire while a sailor in terror notices bombs falling from the sky.

The video, titled War Thunder Heroes, "encompasses our vision of the game," says Gaijin Gaming, "where host of aircrafts [sic], ground vehicles and naval forces are locked in a full-scale global conflict over WW2 theaters of war."

A free-to-play MMO, War Thunder will support cross-platform play between PC and PS4 users.

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