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Dying Light pre-orders include exclusive competitive mode, playable zombies

Pre-orders for Dying Light will secure buyers access to the game's only player vs. player mode, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive announced today — a mode that lets you control a genetically-enhanced zombie.

The mode, titled "Be the Zombie," lets players control Dying Light's menacing night hunters: one of the deadliest enemies in the game. Using their enhanced speed and reflexes, leaping attacks and grappling tendrils, the players controlling the night hunters must hunt down their human prey, earning experience that can be used for upgrading the zombie's unique skill tree.

The mode's press release announcement stresses that pre-ordering the game is the only way to get Be the Zombie (which is Dying Light's sole competitive mode) "at launch," suggesting it could be sold separately in the future. Dying Light launches sometime next year on Windows PCs, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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