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Stronghold Crusader 2 seeks funding boost

Firefly Studios' has turned to crowd-funding to help raise cash for its castle defense simulation Stronghold Crusader 2.

The company is launching a 30-day Gambitious pledge campaign offering various tier rewards, from the game itself to closed multiplayer beta access and a copy of Stronghold HD.

Due to launch in early 2014, Stronghold Crusader 2 is set in the medieval Middle East allowing players to construct and defend fortifications. Firefly said that the raised money will be used to help self-publish the game, add polish and extra content as well as organizing a closed beta.

The original Stronghold Crusader, was published by 2K Games and God Games more than ten years ago, itself a follow-up to 2001's Stronghold. According to Firefly, the series has sold six million copies to date.

"Stronghold Crusader is our favorite game, it's our fans' favorite game," said Simon Bradbury, CEO of Firefly Studios and designer of Stronghold Crusader 2. "It's the game we have been waiting to put into production for several long years now. Firefly Studios finally has that chance and we will not disappoint."

"Crowd funding is a revolution for small, independent developers like ourselves," said Firefly president Eric Ouellette. "With the support of our fans we can release Stronghold Crusader 2 when it's absolutely perfect and push the game to new heights."

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