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Basic WII U still alive; barely

Nintendo of America has confirmed that its basic 8GB Wii U console is in "limited supply" in North America, with a standing price of $299.99.

The firm says it has no current plans to make any changes to the console form's status, although its poor sales in comparison to the 32GB version make it a rare sight on retail shelves.

Earlier today, Eurogamer reported a Nintendo UK spokesperson stating that "the current Wii U Basic Pack will become limited in supply." Nintendo's U.S. response, passed on to Polygon, appears to echo that position.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that its Deluxe, 32GB Wii U would drop in price from $349 to $299, as well as a Wii U Deluxe Wind Waker HD bundle at the same price.

Wii U Basic's price is still officially $299, the same as the Deluxe version. Retailers began pulling the basic unit from shelves earlier this summer.

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