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Mac version of SimCity hit with installation and launch issues (update: fixed)

Update: Electronic Arts officials say the issues have been resolved. "We are pleased to advise that the installation-related issues some players experienced with SimCity on Mac have been resolved."

According to the forums, Maxis released a new update for the game which should address the issue.

The original story is below.

Nearly six months after the botched launch of SimCity on PC, it looks like the Mac version of the game is running into some launch issues of its own.

Some fans of the game have been unable to install it after downloading and others can't get the game to launch, according to comment threads on the official forums. An official SimCity Mac Install FAQ posted by a developer walks through a number of reported installation issues and ways to resolve them.

Those issues include a "mutexAlert" error, which can be resolved by switching the OS to English. Another simply doesn't allow a player to install the game once downloaded. The suggested solution for that is to re-install Origin and opt in to the new Beta version.

The game also apparently doesn't currently support  Mac OS X 10.7.4  nor the upcoming 10.9 beta release. Both are being worked on, according to the post.

The Mac version of the game is being sold and is also available to those who had already purchased the Windows PC version. Purchasing either the PC or Mac version of the game will give you both versions.

Electronic Arts' Origin service struggled to meet the demands of the PC launch of the online-only game, making the title unplayable at times. Maxis developers rolled back some features as they fought to restore the game to functionality, and released a number of patches.

Polygon reached out to Electronic Arts about the launch issues and will update this story when they respond.

Update: Maxis responded to Polygon's request for information with a brief statement. "There are a small number of players who have encountered issues with SimCity for Mac," offered a Maxis spokesperson. "Our live team is working individually with our players to resolve their issues and get them into the game as quickly as possible."

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