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The Behemoth goes inside its DIY arcade cabinets

The Behemoth is bringing most of its games to the PAX Prime show floor in an unconventional form: A series of hand-made arcade cabinets, crafted from the ground-up for titles like BattleBlock Theater, Super Soviet Missile Mastar and Alien Hominid HD.

In a video sent to Polygon by The Behemoth, the creation of these DIY cabinets is documented from the developer's San Diego, Calif., studio. The video shows all of the work, power tools and bowling balls that go into crafting the cabinets, all of which will be playable (sans quarters!) at The Behemoth's booth at PAX Prime. This isn't the studio's first time making cabinets, though: Castle Crashers made its way to PAX in its own cabinet in 2010, while an early prototype for BattleBlock Theater followed suit in 2011.

Check out the video above to see these machines get made, and learn some helpful cabinet-crafting tips in the process. For example: Don't forget the start button.

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