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Machinima premiering two live-action League of Legends videos this week

Online media production group Machinima will be premiering a pair of live-action League of Legends short films tomorrow at PAX in Seattle, Washington.

The two videos, titled League of Legends: Blind Ambition and League of Legends: Shadowfall, are the brainchildren of George and Harry Kirby, UK-based filmmakers whose live-action take on classic fighting anime series Dragon Ball Z racked up over 5 million views on YouTube.

Blind Ambition deals with the character Lee Sin the blind monk, and explores his backstory: Once a summoner who controlled champions in the League of Legends, an accident cost him his eyesight and eventually led to him becoming a champion like the sort he once commanded. Now a warrior on the fields of Justice, Lee Sin faces down the Noxian assassin Katarina.

Shadowfall will be released as a miniseries in three parts, and tells the story of two brothers, Shen and Zed, who are training to be ninjas. Zed's ambition leads him to seek out forbidden techniques and the powers of the shadow, leading the two brothers to a violent confrontation.

Blind Ambition will premiere at 9 AM Pacific/12 PM Eastern tomorrow, Aug. 29; the three parts of Shadowfall will be released two hours later at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern.

PAX will also play host to the League of Legends Season 3 North American finals.