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DayZ dev diary explains why the alpha build isn’t ready

A new developer diary on the standalone version of DayZ features a look at multiplayer gameplay and explains why the alpha build is not yet ready.

The video is narrated by DayZ mod creator Dean Hall, who explains that the team is pushing "on to our next milestone" to solve issues with the game.

"The [alpha] build is not ready for release," Hall said. " ... Until we cover off on the very basic foundations of it, there's just nothing there to play, nothing there to really enjoy."

Hall goes on to talk about the game's damage system, which is currently being reworked. As part of DayZ's "bleeding system," character injuries will appear where they've been shot. You can watch the video below for more on the game's current status, as well as developer interviews.

Bohemia Interactive also released several new screenshots from its latest pre-alpha multiplayer test. You can view them in the gallery above.

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