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Ouya game Polarity heads to Steam Greenlight with PC version

Bluebutton's first-person puzzler Polarity, available now on Ouya, is currently collecting votes for a Windows PC version through Steam Greenlight.

The developer released a trailer for the PC version, which you can watch above. In Polarity, players hack into a virtual world to steal data fragments in exchange for money. The game will include 20 levels, local multiplayer co-op and puzzles that dip heavily into the use of physics, lasers, cubes and rotating rooms.

The Windows PC version will also be "completely compatible" with the Oculus Rift, according to its Greenlight page. Bluebutton is currently working on releasing a two-level demo build of the game. If Polarity successfully passes through Greenlight, the game will be released "as soon as I can muster," the developer wrote.

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