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Studio of former Human Head COO unveils Dragon Fin Soup

The first game from Grimm Bros., the studio co-founded by former-Human Head COO, is a role-playing game with a roguelike twist called Dragon Fin Soup, the studio announced.

Dragon Fin Soup features tactical combat, pets, dual-wielding, swords for hire, weather systems and earthquakes. Players can also dabble in crafting, fishing, mining, digging and cooking. It also introduces flawed heroes, such as one character called Red Robin and his "quest for vengeance and alcohol, not necessarily in that order."

To see Dragon Fin Soup in action, be sure to watch its debut trailer below. Interested parties can sign up for the game's beta in the near future via its official website. PAX Prime attendees can get hands-on with Dragon Fin Soup at booth #6712. Polygon will be reporting live from the convention to bring you the latest news.

Announced in March, Grimm Bros.' current focus will be developing Windows PC and tablet games based on classic Grimm fairy tales mixed with dark humour styled from Evil Dead and Monty Python.

CEO Ash Monif (Mercenaries 2, Sims 2, Lord of the Rings, James Bond and more) oversees Grimm Bros. business development and production. Co-founder and COO Randis Albion (AquaNox Angels Tears, League of Legends, Magic The Gathering) heads the company's art direction.

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