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Behind the scenes of Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns

Alli Hillis, the actor who plays the eponymous hero's voice in the game, is the presenter of this six-minute documentary about how Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns came together.

"Inside The Square" goes behind the scenes to look at Square Enix's creative operation. "Amazing visuals and complex stories are what Final Fantasy is known for," said the game's producer Yoshinori Kitasi. "I took a job here learning everything I could about making games. And here I am today."

With sales of over 100 million games, Final Fantasy is "the most successful role playing franchise in history," according to Hillis, with 15 numbered games across decades worth of platforms.

"The continued sense of reinvention is really unique to Final Fantasy," said director Motomu Toriyama. "A big part of my job is figuring out how to do the new things we want to do and still delivering on what our fans have come to expect."

In the film, environmental artists and storytellers talk about their inspirations for the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, the last part of which launches in the West early next year.

"So many elements of this game are brand new," said Toriyama. "It's bound to be a really fresh adventure."

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