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Godus beta launching Sept. 13 on Steam Early Access

Godus, the next game from Peter Molyneux-led 22Cans, will see its first public release Sept. 13 with a beta on Steam Early Access, Molyneux announced today during his PAX Prime 2013 keynote address.

The beta will be available on Windows PC and Mac for $19.99 in North America, £14.99 in the U.K. and €18.99 in Europe. As usual with Early Access, anyone who buys Godus starting Sept. 13 will be able to begin playing immediately, and will receive any future updates — including the eventual release of the full game, which is scheduled for 2014 — at no additional cost.

"For a long time I've been excited with how the game is evolving, [and] I already feel there is nothing in the world like Godus," said Molyneux in a press release announcing Early Access. "This is the type of game I have dreamt of making since first getting into the industry; having people play the beta and give us valuable feedback while doing so, makes that dream a reality."

Godus began on Kickstarter, where 22Cans raised more than £525,000 last fall. You can watch a newly released beta trailer above.

Megan Farokhmanesh contributed to this report.

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