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Ninja brothers collide in League of Legends fan film

Shadowfall, the second of two live-action League of Legends fan films produced by Machinma features two brothers training in the way of the ninja.

Zed and Shen are the two most talented students of their kind, only equaled by each other. But Zed grows resentful of what he perceives as his brother's favored status, and yearns to surpass him. To find greater power than that wielded by his brother, Zed turns to ancient, forbidden arts: the power of the shadow.

Though brothers, the rivalry turns deadly, and Zed and Shen are destined to face each other on the Fields of Justice in the League of Legends.

Blind Ambition, Machinima's first League of Legends fan film, premiered earlier today and told the story of Lee Sin the Blind Monk. Both Shadowfall and Blind Ambition are the work of UK filmmaker brothers, Harry and George Kirby.

The second and third parts of Shadowfall are embedded below.

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