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LocoCycle makes you feel like you're fighting at 200 miles an hour

LocoCycle's fast-paced design

Twisted Pixel, the developer behind the Xbox One launch title LocoCycle, wanted to make its motorcycle action game so fast-paced that "it feels like you're fighting at 200 miles an hour," according to Jay Stuckwisch.

During a hands-on demo of the game at PAX in Seattle today, Stuckwisch explained that the game's levels and enemies are designed in such a way to allow players to keep moving, even when they're fighting or colliding with objects. If a player drives into an obstacle, players will notice the impact, but the motorcycle will find a way back on track in less than a second. If a player hits a wall or rubs up against a fence, they will richochet and continue traveling at an incredibly fast speed.

"We also thought of the ways the military agents could get involved," Stuckwisch said. "So we've got the agents with the jetpacks, we've got the mech robots, and we've got the most ridiculous things like agents on stilts on roller-skates and agents with skis."

In the demo we played, as we traveled at what felt like 200 miles an hour, enemies came at us from the sky. The agents - dressed in their black suits and snow skis - came off mountain slopes and attacked us from above. In a different section of the game, the agents stood on mechanical stilts that were attached to rollerskates. This allowed them to travel at the speed of the motorcycle and also step over us.

Twisted Pixel announced today that it will launch for $19.99. It will be available on launch day for the Xbox One. Polygon's preview of the game can be read here.

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