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Sony launches Third Party Productions to bring new and existing IP to PlayStation platforms

Sony announces new third party relations group

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced last night that it is launching Third Party Productions, a new group within its Third Party Relations team that will work with third party developers to bring their IP to Sony' platforms.

In his announcement on the PlayStation Blog, the program's director Gio Corsi said that the new group "will work closely with our publishing partners to bring their beloved IPs to some new places.

"This means you'll see even more great games on PlayStation platforms, including new IPs, ports and localized products. In addition, our partners who are currently in production will have us as a resource to strengthen their development process, ensuring quality and consistency on all third party projects."

At a Sony showcase in Seattle last night, the company announced that it was helping bring Borderlands 2 to the PlayStation Vita, a process which was made possible through Third Party Productions.

Corsi ended his announcement by inviting PlayStation users to offer comments on what games they'd like to see published on the PS3, PS4 or PS Vita, either through the comments section on his blog post or by tweeting at him.

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