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Runic Games 'still pursuing' Torchlight 2 for Mac

Torchlight developer Runic Games still plans to release a Mac port of Torchlight 2, though the developer has no release date, Kotaku reports.

In a statement given to the website, a Runic representative said the team ran into "unexpected complexities" when porting the game, in combination with an effort to "ramp up our next project."

"The Mac platform still poses some challenges for us as a company (as anyone who waited for the Mac port of Torchlight 1 can attest)," The representative said. "As a result, while we are still pursuing it, we don't have a date or any real details to share on the Mac port of Torchlight 2 just yet. When we do have something to share, though, we'll do so as quickly as possible."

Torchlight 2 launched for Windows PC in September of last year and has since sold more than two million copies. Before the game's release, Runic announced that a Mac port would be among the team's first goals after launch.

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