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Arma 3 video teaches you how to operate a helicopter

A new community guide for Arma 3, Bohemia Interactive's military sandbox, gives players an overview on operating a helicopter in-game.

In the video, Andrew "Dslyexci" Gluck from ShackTactical outlines the principles of take-off, basic flight, weapons employment and landing a helicopter. Gluck also delves into operating the basic weapons systems, collective pitch and the rudders of the aircraft.

The goal of Bohemia's community video series is to teach Arma 3 fundamentals to players ahead of the game's release. Be sure to check out the Arma 3 multiplayer tutorial that teaches communicating, moving and shooting

Currently in beta, Arma 3 is slated for release on Windows PC later this year. Three versions of the beta are currently available to purchase, with all packages unlocking the full game at launch. Versions range from the basic for $44.99 to the Arma 3 Supporter Edition for $91.99.

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