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American McGee's Alice: Otherlands film campaign reaches funding goal

American McGee's campaign to fund the 3D-animated short films based on Alice: Otherlands, the planned third installment in McGee's Alice series, ended successfully over the weekend, raising $222,377 and surpassing the Kickstarter project's minimum target of $200,000.

This concludes McGee's 20-day campaign to create a series of short films that will eventually lead to a possible big screen adaptation. The film campaign was announced after McGee cancelled an earlier Kickstarter bid to developer a new title called OZombie in order to campaign for the Otherlands films.

Funds will be used to acquire the film rights and development of the series of short films. According to McGee, the Otherlands series will conclude the story put forward in the first two games of the series, American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. According to the campaign, Alice: Otherlands will see Alice leveraging her superhero-like power to invade the minds of others in 1875 London. McGee hinted in the campaign video that Alice might be able to enter some of the great minds of the time like Mark Twain, Thomas Edison and Charles Darwin, as well as the infamous like Jack the Ripper and the royal like Queen Victoria.

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