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Rage franchise could have a future, id Software says

The Rage franchise, which saw its first entry released in 2011 by developer id Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks, could have a future at the studio, creative director Tim Willits told Polygon at QuakeCon 2013.

When asked if the series would ever see a second installment, Willits responded enthusiastically.

"Well, I hope someday," Willits said. "The franchise is not dead, and we built the game in such a way where — we made a rich enough universe where it would be quite easy to step back into that world and make something cool. So, yeah, that's be great, someday."

If Rage ever does receive a sequel, it likely won't arrive anytime soon; last year, Willits told Polygon that the studio was singularly focused on getting Doom 4 out the door before working on any side projects. For more on the state of id Software and Doom 4, read more from our interview with Willits.