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Infinite Crisis dev diary explains the DC Universe and MOBA marriage

The DC Universe's nigh-limitless alternate realities are what made it perfectly suited for a MOBA, according to a new Infinite Crisis dev diary featuring DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

"The DC Universe is great for this game because it really puts no limits on what we can or can't do," says lead content designer Brent Schmidt. "Other established stories, there are rules that you don't want to break for the characters: Good guys and bad guys don't mix."

For developer Turbine, moving to the MOBA genre was seen as a step back to the studio's origins. "[It] kind of got us back to our roots doing competitive play," says executive producer Jeffrey Steefel. "Asheron's Call was all about PVP.

"In the very beginning, thinking about making this game, we had a few simple but lofty goals," says Steefel. "How can we take the DC franchise, in a game, to a place it hasn't been before?"

Infinite Crisis is in beta testing and is planned for a 2013 release.

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