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BioShock Infinite limited-edition Devil's Kiss Vigor now available

BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games is now selling limited-edition replica statues of the Devil's Kiss Vigor, with the collectibles going for upwards of $350 in the studio's online store.

The figures stand 9 inches tall, measure an average of 4 inches wide, weigh 1.6 pounds and are made of pressure-cast resin. In BioShock Infinite, the Vigor known as Devil's Kiss allows the player to generate fire, and a translucent flame burns in the statue's left hand.

Each figure is hand-painted and numbered — Irrational is producing only 500 units for the first run, and 50 of them have been signed by studio creative director Ken Levine.

Interested parties can head to the Irrational Store to pick up one of the statues. The studio is selling the 450 standard figures for $350 each, while the 50 autographed ones are going for $600 each.

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