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Sonic: Lost World gameplay trailer defies gravity

A new gameplay video for Sonic: Lost World shows the Blue Blur brazenly defying the laws of physics.

The trailer, which shows off both 3D and 2D gameplay, features two different environments. The first is a desert, Egypt-like level where Sonic must dodge the attacks of giant sandworms by utilizing the Eagle power, turning him into a magical flying bird for a limited time. The second is a tropical jungle, where Sonic appears to be racing up the trunk of a titanic tree and avoiding the attacks of hidden crocodiles.

This trailer was released at last weekend's "Summer of Sonic" event in the UK; a similar "Sonic Boom" event will be held in St. Louis, Mo. next Saturday, Aug. 10.

Sonic: Lost World is headed to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on October 18 in Europe, and October 22 in North America.

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