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Shadowrun Returns DLC planned for 'late October'

Development on Berlin, the first downloadable content for Shadowrun Returns, is underway and scheduled for a "late October" release, according to an update posted on the developer's website.

The expansion to Harebrained Schemes' isometric role-playing game is in the early stages, the update revealed.

"Development of Berlin art is already underway, and our design team is also starting to prototype gameplay and mission ideas for the Berlin campaign," the update reads. "We're targeting late October for the release of Berlin."

Shadowrun Returns for Windows PC and Mac was released July 25 on Steam for $19.99. According to the update, the developer estimates that the "remaining work" on the Android and iOS versions "should only take a couple of weeks." Harebrained Schemes also began work on a Linux version last week.

You can see a "sneak peek" of the upcoming DLC in the picture above and learn more about the game by reading Polygon's Shadowrun Returns review.

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