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PS Vita software update adds quick access to cloud saves, system settings

The latest system update for Sony's PlayStation Vita adds a handful of welcome new features, including the ability to quickly upload and download game save data through PlayStation Plus and quick access to certain settings, like brightness and wireless functions.

Version 2.60 of the PS Vita's firmware adds a PlayStation Plus icon to a game's LiveArea screen. From there, PS Plus subscribers have the option to upload and download game save data to and from their online storage folder, with the option to auto-upload save data.

The update also adds the ability to play content saved on a connected device, either a PlayStation 3 or PC, with the Vita's video and music apps.

By holding the PlayStation button, Vita owners can also quickly access the system's brightness and music controls, disable the system microphone and prioritize chat audio for the Party app. Users can also quickly get to network features, turning off wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity.


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