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PlanetSide 2 missing out on cross-platform play due to PS4 patch delays

Sony Online Entertainment's online shooter PlanetSide 2 won't have cross-platform play because of the delay involved with patching the PlayStation 4 version, the game's creative director Matt Higby explained to Eurogamer, revealing that Sony is exploring character transfers between the platforms.

"Because of the update cadence, and the additional steps you have to go through to be able to release an update on the PlayStation network, we're not going to be able to keep our servers in sync, so you won't be able to just play with the same people," Higby told Eurogamer. "They might be a week behind in terms of patching, or a day behind or whatever it ends up being, and we can't really have that."

According to Higby, the company is looking into "character portability" for the game, which launched Windows PC last November and scheduled for PlayStation 4 later this year. If implemented, players can transfer a Windows PC character to the PlayStation 4, and vice versa. Higby explained that as character format's are the same for both platforms, "it's just purely a matter of the server updates."

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