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EverQuest Next Landmark risks creating a niche within a niche

EverQuest Next looks to shake up the massively multiplayer online role-playing genre by doing away with some of what gamers identify with those sorts of games and introducing new, risky elements.

Players won't have classes, but they will be able to have one-off experiences that perhaps others won't be able to take part in. The world will be fully destructible and, thanks to EverQuest Next Landmark, fully constructible too.

But EverQuest Next Landmark, a standalone game that mixes the elements of Minecraft with the toolsets and aesthetic of EverQuest Next, faces a challenge: Perhaps it expects too much of its players.

And if player creators can't meet the expectations of the game's developers, what will that mean for EverQuest Next, which seems built to rely on player constructs to some degree?

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