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Guild Wars 2 PvP updated with solo arena, Dishonored system

Guild Wars 2 will receive several additions to its Player-vs-Player system, including a solo arena, Dishonored system and new leaderboards, the Guild Wars 2 Team announced.

The game's PvP system will split into Team Arena and Solo Arena, which allows single players to face off against one other person. Those wishing to play with friends must queue for Team Arena. Team play will still be five-on-five and "function much like the current rated play format."

Guild Wars 2 will also include a new Dishonored system. Under these rules, players not present in a match when victory is declared or those who don't move for more than 3 minutes qualify for match abandonment. These players will be marked with one stack of the Dishonorable buff, which lasts for 72 hours; those with five stacks will not be able to join ranked matches.

Other changes include randomization to maps in solo and team fights, a match spectator mode and leaderboards to rank players participating in the Solo Arena. The full post is available on the game's website.