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Striking techniques afoot in new FIFA 14 trailer

A trailer released today for FIFA 14 focuses on new features associated with striking the ball and goal-scoring.

'Pure-Shot' and 'Real Ball Physics' are among EA Canada's much touted new innovations for the popular soccer simulation, allowing for players to refine position before they hit the ball and adding to the variety of physical possibilities, like swerving and dipping.

"Players have the intelligence to be able to prepare before they strike the ball," said Aaron McHardy, lead gameplay producer. "They can adjust their stride in order to get a perfect strike."

"We wanted to replicate how a real footballer strikes the ball," explained gameplay producer Kantcho Doscov. "If I'm a right-footed player, I'm going to make sure I adjust my footing so I hit it as effectively as possible with my strong foot. We have new logic that allows the player to know how to adjust himself to get that perfect strike."

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