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Edo Superstar brings Japanese-style fights to mobile gaming

Edo Superstar, a fighting-based role-playing game for iOS and Android devices, is currently seeking $65,000 in funding via Kickstarter.

The campaign launched earlier today. According to the Kickstarter, Japanese games have resonated with developer Jed Henry since childhood. Edo Superstar is inspired by titles such as Street Fighter 2, Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series.

Edo Superstar stars Masaru, a monkey who quits his life as a ninja to pursue his dreams of becoming Japan's greatest star. Players can raise his fame by defeating enemies. The game is touch based and requires players to tap and swipe the screen to enact combos and knock out bad buys.

Backers can donate $10 to receive an art book and strategy guide, $30 for a T-shirt, $50 for a handmade woodblock print and more; tiers extend to $5,000.

Check out the video pitch above to hear more from the developers and see the game in action. Fundraising ends Sept. 5.

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