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Star Wars: The Old Republic receives ridable Tauntauns and a new story arc

BioWare's role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic update 2.3 Titans of Industry is now live, introducing Tauntauns as the game's first animal mounts, as well as featuring a new story arc, allowing gamers to delve into the shadowy secrets of Czerka Corporation's CZ-198 Labs.

Involving two new level 55 Flashpoints — Czerka Corporate Labs and Cezerka Core Meltdown — the story arc centres on the fictional company Czerka Corporation, headed by special executive Rasmus Blys. Based on the private moon of CZ-198, the nefarious organization focuses on weapons design, droid manufacturing and biological research. Through exploration of the labs, players will fight the corporation's experiments, uncover secrets and recover new weapon types.

Ridable Tauntaun mounts can now be bought through the Tauntaun trainer on Hoth. The update also includes a new companion character called Treek, who is available through the Cartel Market. In addition, update 2.3 features a graphics upgrade, bug fixes, optimizations and "reward vendors for an all new event starting next week." The Titans of Industry trailer can be viewed above.

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